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Iowa’s increases biodiesel output in 2018. Is more possible?

Source: Businesswire.com

Iowa’s biodiesel production saw a tremendous boost in 2018. The potential is there for greater gains in 2019. However, a decision which benefitted American biodiesel production is in danger of being reversed.

Iowa’s biodiesel plants had a stellar 2018. The 12 operating plants produced 365 million gallons of biodiesel. Iowa Renewable Fuels Association’s Monte Shaw is pleased with those numbers.

Shaw says once the playing field was leveled, the opportunities for Iowa’s producers were much better. Shaw says subsidized biodiesel was being dumped on the market, primarily by Argentina. Investigators of the claim sided with the American biodiesel industry.

Shaw says we need enforcement of the Renewable Fuels Standard.

Shaw says we aren’t out of the woods. The Commerce Department is looking at reversing the decision against Argentina. Shaw says the only reason their industry is having a negative effect is because they haven’t been able to dump their biodiesel into American markets at discounted prices.

Shaw says the push is on to remind the Trump Administration about the impact Argentina’s practices had on the American biodiesel market.