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Iowa’s Andrew Lauver named one of Ag Grad’s 30 Under 30

Andrew Lauver

Agriculture is always evolving. New minds and new viewpoints often take us places we never dreamed of going and doing things we hadn’t thought possible. There is a new group of young professionals who are already putting their hands onto the torch being passed to them. Today we meet one of these members of the next generation, from right here in Iowa.

Audio: Full Interview with Andrew Lauver 

Ag Grad is a service which helps connect young Ag industry professionals with careers and networks them with other young professionals. This year, Ag Grad honored their first class of “30 Under 30.” Iowa’s own Andrew Lauver was one of these recipients. Lauver serves as a Manager of Industry Relations with Syngenta. He tells us about his background in Iowa Agriculture, how he developed his love for the industry watching his father and grandfather.

Andrew may seem like your typical Iowa farm kid. He is still involved with the family farm, and he studied at Iowa State University (ISU). However, his experiences since graduating from ISU have been anything but typical. Lauver tells us what was next for him, including stops at Kansas State University, Canada, and the U.S. Senate.

If you thought Mr. Lauver was done there, you would be sorely mistaken. He is now studying at the Drake University Law School in Des Moines.

As Andrew looks ahead at the future of agriculture, he sees the challenges ahead for the younger generation coming up. However, he also sees the rewards of continuing the legacy of hard work which has been instilled by the previous generations of farmers and producers. The world is becoming smaller, and Lauver sees this as a potential to grow the industry as well as tell our story. There are no benefits to the next generation of producers to remain isolated.

Lauver says we need to have this next generation step up and see what agriculture can do for them. Lauver says with the importance of agriculture to Iowa’s economy, you can be surprised how a future career path could become intertwined with agriculture. Lauver says with strong Ag education inside the state of Iowa, kids should be taking advantage. Even if you choose not to be a producer, your career prospects in this state grow exponentially even if you have just a basic understanding of Ag production.

Lauver talked about how surprised and honored he felt by receiving the award as one of Ag Grad’s 30 Under 30. Lauver is not looking at this as a culmination of hard work, but rather treating this as an affirmation of being on the right path. Lauver says, “To those that much is given, much is expected.” Lauver says with this recognition, he knows the work is just beginning.

As Lauver looks back on this accomplishment, he is grateful for the strong foundations he was given through 4-H and the FFA. He thanks the leaders of the programs for the time they invested in him to build this foundation. A foundation Lauver is planning to build on for decades to come.

To find out more about the Ag Grad 30 Under 30 recipients, go to the website: 30Under30.ag