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Iowa Bio is accepting applications for annual showcase

by Ben Nuelle LISTEN: money-matters-10-20-16 

Iowa Biotech Association is now accepting applications for their Partnering For Growth Biotech Innovation Showcase in March.

Joe Hrdlicka is Iowa Bio’s Executive Director.

“First and foremost as it relates to this event, we have a lot of people who are hungry to make good investments and good concepts. That opportunity is first and foremost if you are a company looking to apply to be in this event.”

Hrlicka says this event will help solidify Iowa’s position as a leader in bioscience.

“For example, we’ll have a panel at lunchtime and a number of those experts will highlight the tax credit programs, the economic development incentives when it comes to this industry.”

He says keynote speakers will include people from big name east coast schools such as MIT and Harvard.

“On the second day, our final keynote, we’ve recruited Dr. Feng Zhang who is actually from Des Moines. This gentleman is at the forefront of pioneering crisper technology which is very prevalent in our industry. He is at the Broad Institute which is a partnership at MIT and Harvard.”

The showcase takes place Tuesday March 21st and Wednesday March 22nd at the FFA Enrichment Center in Ankeny.