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Iowa weather has been unusually usual

Source: Wikimedia Commons

We cannot seem to catch a break in the weather. One day it is 50 degrees and the next day it is sleeting. But how unusual has it been?

Alex Krull serves as meteorologist intern with the National Weather Service in Des Moines. He gives a simple explanation about how it has happened.

Krull explains it is not uncommon to see these huge swings on the weather pendulum.

If it is not uncommon to have these wild weather swings, is it fair to say that this is not an uncommon spring? Krull says that is not exactly true either.

I asked Krull to peek into his crystal ball and let us know what he sees. He tells us not to fret, we should return to regular spring weather.

Krull’s forecast seems to be “commonly uncommon with a chance of impending normalcy”.