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Iowa State study on digital agriculture ecosystems

The technology landscape of agriculture has changed drastically over the past two decades. The amount of data collection options for farmers and Ag industry specialists is sometimes overwhelming. However, we aren’t here to debate the types of data technology in agriculture. Today, we are looking at networks and innovation. T Right now, there is a study going on involving Ivy College of Business and the Seed Science Center at Iowa State University (ISU), and Georgia State University. This team has, in the past, looked at the different ways this data has been used by farmers. Now, they are trying to understand the digital agriculture ecosystem.

Dr. Priyanka Jayashankar is a faculty member at the ISU Ivy College of Business and the ISU Seed Science Center. She talks with us about the study. Mainly they are looking at places like co-ops, extension, investors, and more. They want to see how these stakeholders impact the digital agriculture ecosystem. In previous studies, they talked directly with farmers about their usage of data technology.

The study is still ongoing at this point. Jayashankar says they are still looking for potential participants in the study. Participation in the study is completely anonymous for those entities which choose to participate. They are even offering an incentive for those who choose to participate. The goal of the study is to help inform policy and help ag practitioners. The interviews can be conducted in-person or via video conference and should take less than an hour.

Collaborators on the study are:

  • Sree Nilakanta Kingland Systems Graduate Director of Business Analytics and associate professor, Ivy College of Business
  • Wesley J. Johnston, Center of Business and Industrial Marketing Roundtable Professor of Marketing, J. Mack Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University
  • Earl Hur, Ph.D. Student in Statistics, ISU

The team’s prior research in the past been sponsored through the PIIR initiative (headed by Asheesh Singh and Carolyn Lawrence Dill, ISU).

If your organization is working on digital agriculture, and are interested in finding out if you qualify to be part of this study, you can reach out to Dr. Priyanka Jayashankar here.