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Update: Iowa Soybean Delegation Reports from China

The goal of Iowa’s delegation to China this week (pictured above) is to strengthen bonds with soybean importers. The group consists of reporter Ken Root, Iowa Ag Secretary Bill Northey, and several members of the Iowa Soybean Association, including ISA CEO Kirk Leeds and ISA President Mark Jackson.

Ken has been keeping a travel journal hosted at the Iowa Soybean Association’s website. You can read his thoughts and see the pictures he’s taken by following the links below, and be sure to check back here for updates as the trip continues this week.

Day 1: The group settles in and sees firsthand how China is constantly evolving.

Day 2: The group visits a soybean crushing plant outside the city of Xi’an and notice vast differences between Chinese and U.S. manufacturing.

Day 3: The group heads to Xiamen to check out the Chinatex import facility, and has a seafood dinner on the coast.

Day 4: In Shenzen, the group reflects on China’s environmental standards and what’s being done about air pollution.

Day 5: Ken examines the history of China’s capitalism-within-communism system and explores the most noteworthy statement of the trip.

Day 6: The group leaves China after a parting dinner and examines the Chinese mentality on foreign policy and politicians.