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Iowa pork producers gear up for National Pork Industry Forum

Producer delegates from Iowa and across the United States will gather in Atlanta, Wednesday through Friday for the annual National Pork Industry Forum.

Cindy Cunningham is with the National Pork Board.

She says the theme of this year is “The Power of Pork, Moving Mountains.”

“And I really think that refers to where we are with pork in the supply capacity right now and how we are making sure consumers domestic and international, are taking advantage of the great opportunity with our production that has happened to this point.”

Cunningham says pig farmers have remained optimistic even with a down farm economy.

“I think the optimism for pig farmers, is based around the ability to change quickly and provide consumers what they are looking for and to tell their story. One of the exciting things in all of agriculture and pork production, is farmers are coming forward telling their story about pork production to those off the farm who are curious and interested.”

Pork Act Delegates will rank candidates to serve as members of the National Pork Board. Those candidates will then be submitted to the Secretary of Agriculture for approval and placement.