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Iowa Pork Congress an opportunity for industry education

The Iowa Pork Congress is going on this week in Des Moines. It is a great time for producers to come together and talk about the issues that are affecting them at home. It is also a time for producers to learn how to advocate better for the pork industry.

Audio: Full Interview with Dallas Hockman of NPPC 

National Pork Producers Vice President of Industry Relations Dallas Hockman says trade will be something they will be hearing about from producers.

Also, Hockman talks about the Eat Lancet study. A study which many agriculture groups are calling an organized attack on agriculture. The study calls for a huge reduction of meat and dairy consumption. The study claims this will benefit both the body and the environment. Hockman says they will be discussing this report against studies showing the benefits of meat in a healthy diet. This information can help producers advocate for their industry.

Hockman says the recent striking down of the “Ag-gag rule” will be a topic of discussion. This rule was meant to protect farms from anti-ag activists posing as workers to gain access to facilities to paint agriculture in a bad light. Ag groups said these individuals posed a threat to the environmental, health, and safety precautions at livestock facilities.

The Iowa Pork Congress is being held in the Iowa Events Center.