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Iowa passes 300 bpa with Dekalb corn

The National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) held their annual yield contest, once again this year. The winners were announced at the national and state levels. Dekalb hybrids had the strongest showing across the country.

Audio: Full interview with Dexter, Iowa farmer Brant Voss 

There is a lot of stiff competition at each level of the yield contest, from many experienced growers. When we look at the results for the state of Iowa, we see the name Brant Voss at the top of the list. Brant talks about his motivation for entering the contest.

Last year was the Voss’s first attempt at entering the contest. They came out with a very respectable 294 bushels per acre (bpa). Voss said for 2018, they decided to tweak their approach. This led to a yield of 306 bpa for this field.

Voss said Mother Nature did give them what they needed after a slow start.

Voss says if you want to increase your yields, do your research. There is much to be learned from the producers who find yield contest success. Even if you don’t want to enter a contest, there are still tips you can use.

Brant Voss achieved these yields on DEKALB DKC70-27RIB. For more information on the Dekalb product line, visit their website or contact your local dealer.