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Iowa lawmakers discourage Trump from imposing tariffs

Iowa Congressman David Young and U.S. Senator Joni Ernst along with Senator Chuck Grassley and Congressmen Steve King, Dave Loebsack and Rod Blum Wednesday sent a letter to President Trump urging him not to impose tariffs on imported steel and aluminum that could harm Iowa’s farmers and manufacturers.

“Tariffs are taxes paid by hardworking Iowans and will lead to retaliation from other countries that will hurt Iowa farmers,” said Congressman Young. “Iowans sent me to Congress to protect our state and our economy. These tariffs could lead to a trade war which would be especially devastating to the agriculture economy and all of Iowa.”

Members of the Iowa delegation stated concerns about sweeping, new tariffs on imported steel and aluminum “setting into motion a chain of retaliatory measures, hurting Iowans from the family farm to the family-owned manufacturing plant. Tariffs are a tax on families and hardworking Iowans cannot afford a trade war.”

Lawmakers emphasized Iowa’s “diverse industries which play a vital role in supporting not only Iowa’s economy, but the entire U.S. economy. Iowa is the second largest agricultural export state, and shipped $10 billion of exports abroad in 2015 alone.

Strong, fair trade favors American families and businesses and allows them to export their goods, which is critical for the farmers, manufacturers, and insurers in our state.”