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Iowa grain quality challenges: Corn

Iowa corn samples from 2019 crop tour. Photo by Dustin Hoffmann

If we learned anything from 2018, it’s that nothing matters until the crop is in the bin. We dealt with many challenges to harvesting and storing our corn and soybeans. 2019 seems to be bringing issues of its own. Earlier, I talked with Dr. Charles Hurburgh of Iowa State about what he thought the challenges may be in soybeans. Now, we are hearing his thoughts on this year’s corn crop.

Dr. Hurburgh says just like with soybeans, the corn crop saw some rapid maturing due to late-season heat. This could lessen the amount of very wet corn in the fields.

However, if you are looking for it to cut back on the variability of this year’s crop, you will be disappointed. Hurburgh says you can’t expect the same results of corn planted in April and corn planted in June.

Dr. Hurburgh says not to be surprised by low-test weights from the corn. Not disastrously low, but lower than we are used to seeing.

What will this wet, variable corn with low test weight mean when it comes to storing your crop? We will find out tomorrow as we conclude our talk with Dr. Charles Hurburgh of Iowa State University.