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Iowa FSA Director reminds farmers to sign up for MFP now.

As 2018 winds down, we are anxious to put it all behind us. However, Iowa State Farm Service Agency (FSA) Director Amanda DeJong reminds us of a few things producers need to do.

Audio: Full Interview with Iowa FSA Director Amanda DeJongĀ 

As the year has wound down, DeJong reminds producers the clock is ticking on signing up for the Market Facilitation Program. The 2nd round of payments was announced on Monday. You have until January 15th to go to your local FSA office and sign up.

With the possibility of a government shutdown looming, DeJong stresses to farmers the importance of signing up this week. You can even fill out the forms online.

With the Farm Bill being passed last week, there is going to be some excitement to get the ball rolling on different programs. DeJong reminds farmers with the bill being passed so late in the year, it is going to take FSA some time to get going for 2019.

DeJong stresses farmers need to keep in contact with their local FSA offices and be mindful of deadlines, especially if the government were to shut down.