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Iowa farmer talks NCGA priorities for next Congress

Now that the elections are behind us, we know that we are going to be dealing with a divided Congress. Democrats have the majority in the Senate, but Republicans took back the house. Many say this is a referendum on how citizens want to see more cooperation than division, but that will remain to be seen, especially when it is the same players in the top positions.

All of that aside, it is time to move forward with the business of the country once again. The National Corn Growers Association is talking about some of their concerns and priorities for the next Congress that sits in January. Iowa Farmer, NCGA Ethanol Action team Vice Chair, and Chair of the Iowa Corn Promotion Board Kelly Nieuwenhuis talked with IARN about some of their priorities. This starts with the Next Generation Fuels Act, and the desire to offer higher ethanol blends to consumers.

Nieuwenhuis also discussed how ethanol was helping consumers save money at the pump during the hikes in gas prices that we have seen in the last year or more.

Farmers are not only using ethanol production to help improve the environment, but they are also adopting more sustainable agriculture practices.

Learn more about what the national Corn Growers are prioritizing for the 2023 year, by visiting the NCGA website.