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Iowa farmer praises the partnership he has with AgriGold

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We have talked about the different ways that corn producers in Iowa can attack the corn root worm problem. As we have said, your plan of attack must be customized to fit your operation. Of course, having a good support team is essential to the fight, as is choosing the right traits for your fields. You can’t just think of this year, but also how you are going to operate in the next year or so. Selecting a partner that will help you in those endeavors is as important as the products themselves.

Jay Halbur is a farmer from near Glidden, in West-Central Iowa. We caught up with him at the AgriGold booth at Commodity Classic. He talks about their family’s farm operation.

Halbur talks about what they look for in corn traits as part of their rotation. They have a plan that accounts for the corn-on-corn acres and soybeans that will be on those acres in the coming years.

Halbur says they have also taken to reducing the amount of tillage they use on their acres. They are working towards a no-till plan on their acres. They also do preplant and sidedress fertilizer applications. This allows them to get the plants what they need when they need it.

Halbur is grateful to have the help of their AgriGold agronomist. He has been aware of their goals every year, and he helps them tailor an approach that meets those goals.

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