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Iowa Farm Bureau President talks 2019 & convention

Iowa Farm Bureau President Craig Hill. Photo Courtesy of Iowa Farm Bureau Federation (IFBF)

2019 has been a year of uncertainty at one level or another. Maybe it was the weather, maybe it was commodity prices, or maybe it was politics and policies. This week, Iowa Farm Bureau Federation (IFBF) members and delegates are meeting in Des Moines for their annual convention and meetings.

IFBF President Craig Hill talked looked back at 2019. We talked about the challenges farmers faced across the state. Hill says the year has been exhausting.

The biggest frustration for producers has seemed to be with the United States – Mexico – Canada Agreement. As President Hill pointed out the bill is just sitting there waiting for the House to move it forward. Some supporters of the trade pact feel it has been sitting for far too long. If the bill does not move this week, there is much fear it won’t have a chance to pass this year.

Hill points out the agreement is the agreement. There isn’t a whole lot of wiggle room without having to start negotiations over with Mexico and Canada.

All these things are causing another concern; finding capital for the 2020 growing season. Hill says farmers are being squeezed thin and need things to turn around.

President Hill says these issues are in the minds of farmers and delegates at this year’s convention. He adds they are prepared to take their concerns to the National stage.