Home News Iowa Farm Bureau and Iowa Renewable Fuels attend hearing in D.C.

Iowa Farm Bureau and Iowa Renewable Fuels attend hearing in D.C.

STOCK PHOTO: The US Capitol is seen in Washington, Wednesday, April 6, 2011, with the House of Representatives in the foreground, as Congress debates the budget. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

by Ben Nuelle

Iowan’s voiced concerns over burdensome federal regulations recently at a hearing in Washington, D.C. with Senator Joni Ernst. Senator Joni Ernst hosted a Rural Development and Energy hearing Wednesday. Craig Hill of the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation and Monte Shaw of Iowa Renewable Fuels Association spoke at the hearing. Hill says the farm economy is facing many challenges.

“With lower commodity prices, farmers will have to find new innovative ways to remain profitable and continue farming in the future years. While farmers deal with economic challenges, that threaten our profitability, we are also dealing with the federal government that continues to pass rules and regulations that threatens our businesses, our productivity, and our way of life. With new rules such as Waters of the U.S., the clean power plan, decreased RFS, there is a growing disconnect with those who write the rules in D.C. and those that depend on the strong vibrant communities of America.”

Shaw says the single most important policy affecting rule economies is the Renewable Fuels Standard.

“If you look at actual sales where consumers have been allowed to have the choice of fuels, there is no problem reaching statutory levels. Retailers today with blender pumps are meeting the 2022 RFS levels in their sales. Not just the levels that are set out today.  There is no blend wall there is only a lack of consumer access and that is exactly what the RFS was put in place to do, so we urge you to oppose any congressional efforts to pull that back and urge the EPA to implement it as it was passed.”

Ernst’s goal was to examine rural development programs and regulations to ensure they are effective and efficient.