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Iowa DNR Sets Forth a Challenge Between Iowa’s Three Major Universities

 by Emery Kleven

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They’ve battled on the gridiron, the hardwood, and the wrestling mat, but now Iowa’s three major universities will square off in a challenge put forth by the the Iowa DNR State Forest Nursery.

For November only, the Iowa DNR State Forest Nursery will offer Hawkeye Fans, Cyclone Fans, and Panther Fans specialty packets. These specialty packets, will each have 200 tree and shrub seedlings. The plants, will reflect school colors and team spirit either through name, fall color, or fruit. State Forester Paul Tauke, told how this idea originated.

“We sat down with that staff at State Forest Nursery and brainstormed specialty packet ideas. This is one of the ideas our administrative assistant at the nursery came up with. Then, we took that idea, and contacted the region universities to make sure they were fine with us using the name.”

Tauke talked about how they decided what goes into each schools fan packet.

“The goal was to design the packet so that some aspect of the tree, or shrub in the packet reflected the school colors. For example, with the Cyclone packet you get red oak.”

To get more information or to order, you can go online at IowaDNR.com/nursery or call 800-865-2477. Delivery will be in the spring.

At the end of the month, the State Forestry division will announce whose fans are putting the most wildlife habitat and conservation on the ground through the November ‘Fan Packets’.