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Iowa Democrats discuss connecting with rural voters in 2020

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The 2016 Presidential election showed both parties one valuable piece of information, and that is you cannot ignore the rural voters. There are several states where winning the metropolitan areas isn’t always enough to win the state. This is true of states like Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and even Iowa. On Friday, a group discussed how any Democratic candidates for President can connect with Iowa’s rural voters.

Former Iowa Governor and U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack says it is going to be important for Democratic Presidential Candidates to speak directly to rural voters.

Vilsack says the message needs to resonate on topics that are important to urban voters without alienating rural voters. One of these topics deals with climate change. Vilsack says it is a great opportunity to work with farmers to implement solutions.

Vilsack says rural voters see the disappearance of their way of life. Many want to be able to tell their kids and grandkids there is a future for them if they stay here.

Vilsack says no matter the eventual nominee, they need to understand the needs of rural America if they want rural America’s vote.