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Iowa corn maturity behind Indiana and Illinois

Dry, cool weather was the norm across the major corn producing states last week.  USDA’s weekly crop progress and condition report showed only 15% of Iowa corn as mature versus 26% in both Illinois and Indiana.  Iowa still leads the “I” states in good to excellent condition (G/E) on corn and soybeans.  For corn, Iowa shows 60% G/E on corn and 61% G/E on corn. Illinois comes in at 56% G/E on corn and 57% GE on Soybeans.  Indiana is at %2% G/E on corn and 52% G/E on soybeans.

Harry Hillaker, State Climatologist for Iowa had the following weather summary:

It was a very dry week across Iowa with mostly below normal temperatures. Very light rain fell over portions of north central and northeast Iowa on Monday (4th) and Tuesday (5th) with Britt reporting the most rain with only 0.13 inches. Thunderstorms were scattered over portions of northwest and far western Iowa on Saturday (9th) evening into Sunday (10th) morning with a maximum of 0.63 inches of rain reported at Akron.

Otherwise no rain fell at all over most of the southern two-thirds of Iowa during the week. The statewide average rainfall was 0.03 inches while normal for the week is 0.84 inches. This was the driest week since mid-February. Meanwhile, temperatures were above normal on Sunday (3rd) and again the next Saturday (9th).