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Iowa Corn Growers talked trade and ethanol at Commodity Classic

Photo By Dustin Hoffmann

Last week’s Commodity Classic is more than just farmers and Ag businesses getting together on the trade show floor to talk about the newest products and technologies. It is also a place for growers from all over the country to gather and talk about the policies and concerns they have for the coming year. Meetings are held for Soybeans, Wheat, Sorghum, and Corn. Proposals are made and voted on by the voting delegates from each state. The Iowa Corn Growers were also there to talk about what was important both for the growers in our state and for the industry as a whole.

Audio: Full interview with Jim Greif, President of the Iowa Corn Growers Board.

Jim Greif is the President of the Iowa Corn Growers Board. We met right before the 2020 Corn Congress in San Antonio. He talked about the national issues which are of concern to Iowa producers. This included ethanol, infrastructure, and most importantly; the Missouri River and how it is being handled. This is of major concern for both Iowa and Missouri producers after last year’s historic flooding.

Greif says the future of ethanol is key, especially with higher octane options, and keeping the market open past the Renewable Fuels Standard.

On a state level, when they get back home, infrastructure is key for the Iowa Corn Growers Board.

As corn producers are looking ahead to 2020, some of the focus has changed from the year before. Last year we worried about trade wars and year-round E15. This year, those issues are in our rear-view mirrors. This year, the question marks are all about what the weather will hold in 2020. The last two years have proven that nothing is guaranteed.