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Iowa Corn Growers outline state policy goals for 2019

Photo by Ben Nuelle

Agriculture is an ever-evolving creature. There are always going to be needs to be met, advancements to be made, and resources which need to be secured. The Iowa Corn Growers Association (ICGA) has unveiled their list of priorities for the 2019 Iowa legislative session.

Conservation and water quality are important issues which ICGA supports. Mether says the Nutrient Reduction Strategy must remain strong. Farmers will be willing to do what it takes to improve practices, but in difficult times farmers need help to make it happen.

Mether says they would also like to see an increase in funding for biofuel infrastructure. The ability to increase the number of blender pumps will give consumers more choice at the pump, and ICGA strongly believes the ethanol blends are wanted by the consumers.

Research is another topic of interest for ICGA. Mether specifically noted one research project that would incorporate corn made plastics into bottles.

The corn growers will also keep an eye on tax programs throughout the year, as well as supporting livestock initiatives. ICGA believes in supporting beef and pork producers who rely on corn products to feed their animals.