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Iowa Corn Checkoff is seeing great return on investment

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The corn checkoff has been a great program to help boost the promotion of corn, corn producers, and corn products. However, in times of tight margins, producers want to be sure they are receiving a proper return on investment for their checkoff dollars.

Alyssa Preston of the Iowa Corn Growers came to the KIIC Cornbelt Cow/Calf Conference to share the story of corn production, and to bring those numbers to producers in Southeast Iowa. Preston says farmers can be assured they are receiving plenty “bang for their buck.” Preston says 20% of the checkoff dollars were invested in research, 41% was invested in market development. This is essential in tougher trade climates. Then 28% was invested in education for consumers and those not connected to agriculture.

Preston says the response from the consuming public has been very supportive. However, it is up to farmers to also be a partner in telling the story.

Preston says the greatest takeaway is that your checkoff dollars are working for you, and the board of directors is doing all they can to make sound investments of checkoff funds.