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Iowa commodity groups impressed with FFA students

Courtesy of the National FFA Organization

Agriculture, like anything else, is changing. We aren’t doing things the way we did 100, 50, or even 10 years ago. As we look at how Agriculture will adapt in the future, we can see there are FFA students getting prepared for tomorrow’s agriculture. This is of great comfort to those currently involved.

The FFA students of today are confident, bright and ambitious. We saw this on display at the 2019 Iowa FFA Leadership Conference in Ames. Iowa Soybean Association’s Heather Lilienthal says she wants farmers to rest assured there are young people who are just a passionate about agriculture as they are.

Evelyn George of the Iowa Farm Bureau remarked how the students in FFA realize agriculture is a broad spectrum requiring different talents, and they are preparing to meet the challenge head-on.

Gabby Glenister of the Coalition to Support Iowa Farmers says it is inspiring to see the students be so well-versed in agricultural topics and engaging in their communities.

These students will someday be the leaders of their communities. Iowa Corn’s Jenni Richards says it is important to the vitality of Iowa’s rural communities to have these students take the torch someday.

The future of agriculture is yet to be written. However, there is a large group of young people ready to make their mark in that future.

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