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Iowa cattlemen need USMCA to cross finish line

Photo by Ben Nuelle

American farmers patiently wait for a finalized U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). 

We discuss what cattle producers are doing to help this legislation cross the finish line.

Eastern Iowa cattle producers reviewed state and national policy at the Cover Crops for Fall Grazing Field Day in Woodburn, Iowa. Casey Allison, eastern Iowa membership coordinator, says one policy, which has been top-of-mind at the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association (ICA) is the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement. She adds the Association remains “fired up” about this policy and hopes to see it cross the finish line soon.

“I think of it (passage) as a marathon. Everybody around the table has run their leg of the race. Now we need our anchor runner, our Congressional delegates to do their part and take us across the finish line,” Allison said.

The agreement presents ample opportunity for the U.S. beef sector. Allison talks about importance of finalizing this piece of legislation.

“Trade with Canada and Mexico represents approximately 70-dollars of additional value on a market animal. If we don’t get USMCA ratified with the help of our Congressional delegates that’s potential money left on the table. Thinking further down the road: If we get through this, we’d like to harness this momentum and move forward to say, Japan, where we’re at a huge disadvantage with one of our competitors, Australia,” Allison said. 

Allison believes the agreement is “the first domino in what could be a lot of positivity to come.” She encourages cattlemen to reach out to their Congressional delegates and reemphasize the need for this agreement.

“I can’t encourage our producers enough: Call or send a letter to your Congressional delegate and tell (him or her) why this is so important,” Allison said. “They need to hear from producers. (If) more of us get ahold of them, they’re going to realize, ‘Gosh, this is important. I need to align myself on the right side of this issue.”