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Iowa cattle producers to gather in Ames Saturday

Photo by Ben Nuelle

by Ben Nuelle

Iowa cattle producers will gather in Ames Saturday for a leadership summit.

This is the first-time Iowa Cattlemen’s Association is hosting the leadership summit.

Matt Deppe is Executive Director for the organization.

“We’re going to have several sessions for our county leaders and various leaders within the Iowa Cattlemen’s membership network but also it is a time to come together and ratify some of our policy from a positional standpoint.”

Deppe says with a membership over 10,000 it’s important to have one voice going forward.

“The cattlemen’s association like some other policy organization actually listens to its members and puts policies in place all year but we start the sorting and filtering process back in the summer at our beef meets this year.”

Deppe says as they come into an annual meeting, there’s a wide variety of things they do from surveys to meeting face to face with membership groups. At the annual meeting, they extend current policies, add policies, delete policies, but he says it’s all about making sure the organization is positioned where the producers are.