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Iowa brings in 10th warmest November on record

Photo provided by Justin Glisan

It was a warmer than normal month of November for the state of Iowa.

According to Iowa State Climatologist Dr. Justin Glisan, the November 2020 temperature summary shows Iowa had its 10th warmest November in 148 years of records. The state’s average temperature was 42.1 degrees.

“We have 148 years of temperature and precipitation records for the state of Iowa,” Glisan said. “This November we were 5.5 degrees above normal. We had a warmer November last occurring in 2016. The interesting thing is if you look at October, that month was actually the sixth coldest October on record. We went from sixth coldest to 10th warmest. We see that interesting behavior in consecutive months, so kind of a flip of the script.”

Glisan says the precipitation summary for November showed statewide average precipitation totaled 1.88 inches, which was 0.17 inches below normal. That ranks as the 48th wettest November on record.

“Precipitation was slightly below average,” Glisan said. “We did see parts of the state where we saw above average precipitation, but then western and northwestern Iowa missed out on a lot of rainfall during the Fall.”

Statewide average snow equaled 1.1 inches, which was 1.6 inches below normal. More information can be found on the Iowa Climatology Bureau website.