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Iowa biodiesel plants to expand capacity

Iowa is one of the leading biodiesel producers in the country. A local biodiesel group says that wouldn’t possible without a great business environment.

Biodiesel groups across Iowa participated in “Biodiesel day on the hill” at the state capital Wednesday.

Grant Kimberley is Executive Director of the Iowa Biodiesel Board.

“We were thanking legislators for setting up a good a business environment in the biodiesel industry in the state of Iowa. Iowa is now the leading producer of biodiesel in the country. We are seeing expansion projects going on over the course of this year where we see plants grow over 20 percent.”

Kimberley says there are four plants across Iowa expanding capacity.

“5 to 10 million gallons and up to 30-million-gallon expansion at the Sargent Bluff facility in western Iowa for AGP. This is good for because Iowa processes so many soybeans and we want to have an outlet for all the soybeans we produce and it generates a lot of economic activity.”

Kimberley attended the Commodity Classic in San Antonio with the Iowa Soybean Association.