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Investments in Ag technology increase

by Ben Nuelle

New major trends are driving U.S. Agriculture. One of them is investments in Ag technology.

Philippe de Laperouse is managing director for High Quest Group. It’s an ag investment company.

He says recent investments in Ag tech have taken off.

“I think one because the sector has been starved over the last 50 years for investment. I think there is recognition that to be competitive U.S. producers need to leverage technologies.”

Laperouse adds there’s also been a wave from adjacent industries.

“Digitization and miniaturization that has led to a lot of new tools that can be applied to agriculture. I think the increased investment on the part of professional investors in this sector is harnessing demand for some of these technologies.”

He says there are other trends besides investments in Ag tech. Those include increased export of U.S. production, farmland investing, and infrastructure investment.

Laperouse spoke at the Oilseed and Grain Trade Summit in Minneapolis Tuesday.