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Investing in the potential for U.S. Beef in Africa

Photo courtesy of U.S. Meat Export Federation

Of the $5 billion of U.S. beef exported around the world through May of this year, only $8 million has been to Africa. Africa is a very promising destination for beef variety meats and beef is a low-cost protein that helps meet Africa’s nutritional needs. There is also a growing interest in higher-end beef cuts that draw interest from Africa’s growing middle class.

U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF) representative in Africa, Matt Copeland talks about the growing population expanding need for affordable protein, an explosion in western-style retail outlets, and some softening in the regulatory barriers signal. This region is a potential growth market for U.S. red meat.

Copeland explains how USMEF with the support from the USDA and the Beef Checkoff Program, is able to lay the groundwork with importers, retailers, and suppliers to expand the U.S. red meat sales in the region.

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