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Instead of cutting costs, try investing in inputs

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As the crop season gets fully underway, farmers are often thinking about profitability. But when it comes to profitability, some farmers look for ways to cut costs instead of ways to make more money. Cost cutting isn’t necessarily the best place to look, though, especially when it comes to inoculants. Kurt Seevers, technical development manager for Verdesian, said farmers should consider investing in inputs like inoculants to focus on maximizing their return on investment.

Seevers said there are multiple ways for farmers to get those inoculants on those soybean seeds.

As soil changes and rhizobia are exposed to the environment, a fresh supply of inoculants should be introduced regardless of what crop was there previously. In fact, Seevers said rhizobia and soybeans will always combine to create a more profitable crop when used correctly.

Seevers said that inoculants can be seen as cheap insurance to guarantee adequate nitrogen fixation.

When it comes to the products that Verdesian offers, Seevers said he’s particularly proud of Preside Ultra, their super concentrated soybean inoculant.

For more information, talk with your local retailer or visit vlsci.com.