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Industry leader in cover crops recognizes 100 years

Photo Courtesy of La Crosse Seed

La Crosse Seed was founded 100-years ago, in LaCrosse, Wisconsin.

Patrick Reed, national sales director for La Crosse Seed, says they are “proud to have been able to service Midwestern agriculture for all these years.” La Crosse Seed looks forward to offering small seeds to farmer customers in the next century.

“Our product lines are forage seeds, which include alfalfa, clover, pasture mixes and forage grasses. We’re also big in turf – turf mixes for residential and commercial, landscape and agricultural uses. The biggest, new thing is cover crops,” Reed said.

La Crosse Seed prides itself in being an industry-leader in cover crops. The company offers a vast cover crop portfolio. It also offers educational opportunities to farmer customers, to help them in choosing the right seed or seed variety.

“Right now, cover crops are mostly small grain based. Cereal rye is a big component of cover crop usage. But mixes are becoming more and more important. They’re mixing small grains with other products, such as radishes and clovers,” Reed said.

Reed says custom mixes provide additional benefits, such as forage sources.

“We’ve seen, in the last couple years, a greater usage of custom mixes,” Reed said. “Growers are hearing and reading about, or talking to the NRCS about a certain mix. And they want to try that. Many of these custom mixes also have a forage component with them, where they can be grazed later on in the fall, after the crop comes up. It provides an additional forage source, which is one of the best ways to gain value from a cover crop.”

For more information about La Crosse Seed, visit https://www.lacrosseseed.com/.