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Indigo Marketplace simplifies grain market transactions

Photo courtesy of Indigo Ag

Farmers have access to a wide array of grain marketing services. Indio Ag, however, offers a unique service, which offers a “more efficient way of selling grain.”

Indigo Marketplace, a mobile application, helps simplify grain marketing, says Morgan Dugan, vice president and general manager of the eastern U.S. for Indigo Ag.

“Our grain marketplace is a digital platform to help growers and buyers make the grain transaction in the supply chain easier. To help farmers find a better bid (and) manage their price risk. To help buyers find more farmers (and) simplify business,” Dugan says.

Indigo Marketplace serves as “a single point of access for all sorts of data,” such as cash bids and pricing tools, according to Dugan.

“You can go into our app, see hundreds of bids and how those all adjust back to your farm. There are other places out there where you can get bid data, but in Marketplace, you can sell your grain and have a binding transaction,” Dugan says.

Flexible pricing tools assist growers in managing futures price risk. Growers may complete such tasks independent of where they sell grain, according to Dugan.

“That’s good for two reasons. One: You can lock in futures prices, but don’t have to commit to a specific delivery. Another: Farmers might have a local delivery point they like working with, but that delivery point doesn’t offer any kind of pricing products. You can go to that delivery point and use the Indigo pricing products to bring that risk management to your futures price,” Dugan says.

Indigo Marketplace is available in the App Store and online, at indigoag.com/indigo-marketplace. Growers can download and sign-up for the app, which takes five- to 10-minutes.

Not all farmers prefer an all-online experience, another reason why Indigo Ag still offers access to grain marketing specialists, “who bring good context beyond the data on the screen.”

“A lot of people like the app and transact on the app. But a lot of folks, even if they like the digital experience they want to talk to a human from time-to-time. So you can call our grain marketing specialists. They each have a specific area of the country they focus on. We even have a couple in Iowa.”