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Indiana economist uses comedy to promote agriculture

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An agricultural economist/entertainer has found a way to promote agriculture through comedy and it’s resonating, not only with producers but job seekers.

Damian Mason graduated from Purdue University with a degree in economics. He travels the country speaking to Ag groups about the future of the industry.

“I use a lot of F words like farming, food, feelings, finances, the future, fundamentals of agriculture, and some of the fights we have.”

Mason grew up on a dairy farm in Indiana. He says there are so many opportunities for young people now than two decades ago.

“Some of these young people don’t realize how bad things were 25 years ago, there are wonderful jobs for them. These young people are doing the right thing by getting a two or four-year degree. Get away from home and get your job experience. I’m excited about the future of food production for what these people 18 – 20 years old in my audience today what they can do.”

Mason says his message resonates.

“We keep it 25 percent humorous and 75 percent point. I talk about issues in the news, content relevant to agriculture delivered in a comedic fashion. It is comedy and commentary. It is somewhere between Rush Limbaugh, a political comedian, and agricultural economist all fused together.”

He spoke to college students at Agribusiness Career Day at the Agribusiness Showcase and Conference in Des Moines Wednesday.

Find more about him at damianmason.com.