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India opening to U.S. pork

Source: Wikipedia

The National Pork Producers applaud the U.S. and Indian government’s announcement that U.S. pork exports are on their way into India, the world’s second-most populated country.

“After decades of work, a market that had been closed to U.S. pork is getting opened,” NPPC President Jen Sorenson said. “We look forward to the new access.”

India has a population of 1.26 billion people, which means the potential market opportunity is a significant one. U.S. Meat Export Federation President and CEO Dan Halstrom says his group has many industry contacts in India that are excited for the opportunity to bring in U.S. pork.

“While the volume going into India right now is small, USMEF sees long-term potential in the retail, processing, and foodservice sectors,” Halstrom said.

USMEF also sees emerging opportunities in e-commerce. “India’s agreement to allow U.S. pork imports is great news and a significant development for American producers and Indian consumers,” U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai said.