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Independence Day should remind us of our capabilites

Photo By Dustin Hoffmann

The nation takes a pause on the 4th of July, even farmers. It is a time we appreciate what it took to make our country what it is. We celebrate the fact we are a people subject only to each other and the world we make for ourselves. 

The 4th of July has always been a favorite holiday of mine. Not because of picnics, fishing or fireworks. Not even because it was one day we were guaranteed not to have to bale hay, walk beans or paint the out buildings. It is because it should make us proud to be a citizen of this country. From sea to shining sea, the birthday of this nation is celebrated. 

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Now days it seems there is more political wrangling, intolerance of other people and ideas and a sense of self-entitlement. These issues are magnified by social media. It allows people to say things they normally would never say to someone’s face, in the hopes it will all be forgotten by the time they do actually meet.   

In fact, these differences are not new to our land. They are just compounded by a large population and how connected we all are. The rights of industrial trades versus agricultural, issues of humanity and foreign relations have been the base this very country was founded on. The question of “what gives a man the right,” is paramount in everything we do.  

As you celebrate on July 4th, remember we are more than Republicans or Democrats. We are not just urban or rural. We do have differences that should not divide us, but unite us in respect for each other. We are citizens of one beautifully messed up country which has found its way through 242 years of human history.

Let us not wait for the next disaster or catastrophe to unite us as a people. Let us here resolve to make that change today. To open a civilized dialogue with one another, in hopes of creating understanding of needs and fears. Then let’s help each other face those challenges and fears together. Because the moments when this country has been truly capable of great things, is when we have been working together.   

Happy Birthday America. You are a great country capable of great things. May God or whatever higher power you choose to believe in or not, grant us the wisdom to find the similarities in each other, rather than the differences. Because, in the end, it is all we have; our common thread with each other.

Happy Independence Day.