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Increasing hyper local food production

Photo Courtesy of Iowa's Small Business Development Centers

AUDIO: Danen Pool & Clayton Mooney, Nebullam, LLC.

The desire for hyper local food is growing. An emerging Iowa company helps those entering this sustainable food market through a new, efficient technology.

Nebullam, LLC, based out of Ames, Iowa, presented its sustainably-minded production technology at the Iowa Biotechnology Association’s Partnering for Growth: Biotech Innovation Showcase and Forum.

Danen Pool serves Nebullam, LLC. as chief technology officer. Pool talks about Nebullam’s innovative technology, geared toward vertical farming operations.

“It is a fully modular, indoor growing unit powered by high pressure aeroponics and controlled through machine learning to fully automate the growing process between transplant and harvest,” Pool said.

Nebullam’s system provides around the clock automation. Pool says the automated technology provides growers many opportunities.

“It fully automates the growing process which is nice. More importantly, it takes possible human error completely out of the equation by being able to automate the process as far as nutrient conservation and environmental variables,” Pool said.

Nebuallam, LLC. targets new growers within the herb, flower and cannabis space in large, urban areas. The company hopes to attract growers in cities larger than the Des Moines metro, in the coastal regions. However, the company hopes to bring prospective customers to a modern farm model in the central Iowa region.

Clayton Mooney, Nebullam chief executive officer, says his company set-up a pilot farm in Nevada, Iowa and plans to build a model farm near Ames, Iowa.

“We’ve gone back and forth with our go to market strategy. The system set-up in the pilot location – that’s great for  bringing people through to see everything growing at 100% capacity. But, we really needed a moment to showcase the technology in a pristine environment, and that’s where the model farm comes in.”