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Increase corn yields without spending more money

A corn specialist shares how growers can multiple corn yields without adding costs.

Dr. Ron Heiniger says growers can multiple corn yields by paying close attention to four variables. Dr. Heiniger first emphasizes the importance of proper placement. He adds placement of fertilizers and nutrients plays a critical role in plant growth.

“If you can place it in the right place, you get more effectiveness, use less out of your material, and you get better results,” Dr. Heiniger said. “Doing a double-sided fertilizer on corn increases yield, and it’s because that placement puts those roots in contact with that fertilizer early.”

Dr. Heiniger says it is also important for growers to understand how nutrients operate. Once growers gain a basic understanding of how nutrients work, Heiniger suggests they attempt to balance nutrients.

“If you have too much phosphorus, you’re inhibiting the uptake of things like zinc, copper or even potassium. On the other hand, too much nitrogen inhibits the uptake of boron and you oftentimes have a problem with magnesium,” Dr. Heiniger said. “We have got to understand those linkages and balance nutrient application.”

Monitoring factors impacting emergence is also important, according to Dr. Heiniger.

“The right planting time, hybrid and seeding depth are critical in getting that plant to pop-out of the ground, and to do so as uniformly as possible so you don’t have competition between each plant,” Dr. Heiniger said. “That’s critical to high yield.”

Lastly, Dr. Heiniger tells growers to become aware of timing of fungicides, insecticides and weed control.