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Improving corn for forage production

Photo courtesy of Jess Johnson (https://www.flickr.com/photos/thejesse/2903298313)

It is July 4th, 2018. Two-hundred-and-forty-two years have passed since the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

A link with our founding fathers is agriculture. Ninety-percent of colonists were farmers when the United States was born. Thomas Jefferson was a farmer. George Washington loved to farm above all else.

Let’s talk about agriculture in the 21st century from a slightly different perspective than usual.

Most everyone thinks of corn as a grain, but dairy farmers utilize much of their crop for silage. The second largest use of the crop goes into forages. In fact, about seven-percent of corn acres in 2017 were used for silage production — an important component for livestock rations, particularly for dairy cattle.

Corn silage and milk production. They go hand-in-hand for many of the nation’s dairy producers.

Universities are working to improve silage. Details on their research in the program below.

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