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IFU President: Senate tax bill shifts burden to small farmers

Photo courtesy of Iowa Farmers Union

AUDIO: Aaron Lehman, IFU President

A small-farmer led state organization meets in Greenfield Friday.

Iowa Farmers Union members will gather for their annual policy meeting at the Warren Cultural Center.

IFU President Aaron Lehman says they will set policy for the upcoming year. This includes issues like tax reform.

“We feel this (tax bill) is shifting the burden to small and medium-sized producers. We’re opposed to the tax changes. Certainly, our tax system needs reform, but this does not move us in the right direction,” Lehman says.

Lehman says they will also look at water quality and conservation.

“We need to put programs in place that set up a system so Iowa farmers have the right incentives to put in practices good for water, landscape, and practical for their farm,” Lehman says.

He adds the group will also focus on tax reform.

“Safety net features are extremely important, so we can provide opportunities for small and medium-sized family farmers. But there is a lot we need to do on the conservation end too,” Lehman says.

They will also have a variety of speakers including Art Cullen, Co-Owner & Editor of the Storm Lake Times. He was awarded a 2017 Pulitzer Prize in Editorial Writing for “editorials fueled by tenacious reporting, impressive expertise, and engaged writing that successfully challenged powerful corporate agricultural interests in Iowa.”