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IFU offering $500 derecho relief grants

Photo courtesy of Iowa Farmers Union

The Iowa Farmers Union is working to help farmers and their families who were impacted by the derecho back on August 10th.

IFU recently announced that it is accepting applications for Derecho Storm Disaster Relief grants. Similar to IFU’s COVID-19 relief grants, IFU President Aaron Lehman says the project has been initiated in coordination with Farm Aid. Practical Farmers of Iowa is also on board as a project partner.

“We are working with Farm Aid regarding disaster relief for the pandemic and for the storms that hit Iowa,” Lehman said in a webinar Tuesday afternoon. “If you are experiencing some levels of farm stress or economic stress on your farm, there are $500 grants. These are one-time emergency relief payments to farm families. If you, or if you know someone in need, please go to our disaster relief center at iowafarmersunion.org.”

Family farmers who have suffered damage due to the August 10, 2020 derecho storm are eligible to apply. Funds are reserved for farms that have the highest need, as well as farmers who meet other priority criteria. Family farms are defined as those where a substantial portion of family income comes from agricultural production and the family is actively engaged in day-to-day farm management and labor.

Rural residences that obtain a small portion of income from agricultural products are not eligible. Only one grant is allowed per family/farm operation. Lehman says applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and reviewed on a weekly basis until funds run out. Checks will be issued to approved applicants within five business days of weekly review meetings.

Applications can be submitted via email to info@iowafarmersunion.org, or by mail at Iowa Farmers Union P.O. Box 1883, Ames, IA 50010.

Find the application here.