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IFB Pres Hill: “Farmers need a return to profitability.”

Iowa Farm Bureau President Craig Hill. Photo Courtesy of Iowa Farm Bureau Federation (IFBF)

Profitability in agriculture is driven by product demand. Farmers across the country have proven they can produce the goods which feed the world. However, they are currently stuck in a climate where demand is being dragged under by forces which can be changed. The Iowa Farm Bureau held policy meetings to address those topics, last week.

Craig Hill is the president of the Iowa Farm Bureau (IFB). He talked about the policy meetings they held last week. Trade was one of the topics in the forefront, especially with regards to continue pushing for passage of the United States – Mexico – Canada Agreement (USMCA).

Not only has the loss of international demand hurt farmers, but Hill also says the destruction of domestic demand by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is twisting the knife even further.

Hill also touched on the need for the upgrading rural broadband. Hill says this parallels the need for rural electricity in the ’30s. Farmers, hospitals, businesses, and schools need to have service on par with urban areas, so they can do business and receive education on a level playing field.

Hill says addressing all these issues will return farmers and rural America to profitability.