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IDALS cover crop deadline extended

On Thursday, IDALS extended the planting deadline for cover crops in state water quality cost share program. The cutoff had been October 15, but the new deadline is October 31, 2013, for cover crops to be in the ground and to still qualify for assistance. However, the extension only applies to state-funded programs and species likely to see a good stand, such as winter rye, Winter triticale, and winter wheat.

“Everything has been behind this year due to the extremely wet spring weather, so some farmers have been unable to get cover crops planted as timely has they had anticipated,” said Iowa Ag Secretary Bill Northey. “Scientists from Iowa State have assured us there are still significant water quality benefits to planting certain cover crops and that is why we have extended the deadline until the end of the month.”

IDALS says farmers who had been approved for cost share assistance and are still unable to get cover crops seeded should contact their local Soil and Water Conservation District office.