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ICGA sets 2022 state and federal policy priorities

Pictured: ICGA President Lance Lillibridge (left) talks with IARN's Brent Barnett during the 2021 harvest season. (Photo by Brent Barnett)

AUDIO REPORT: Lance Lillibridge, ICGA President

The Iowa Corn Growers Association has released its final list of state and federal policy priorities for 2022.

ICGA President Lance Lillibridge of Vinton says members set a list of legislative priorities by completing a survey, having discussions at roundtable events, and adopting policy at the ICGA Grassroots Summit.

“Our state priorities are Conservation and Water Quality. We want to make sure we maintain a funding stream for the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy. Ethanol is always a big one. We want to make sure we obtain and increase funding for infrastructure and cost-share programs that support the Iowa biofuels standard. Livestock is always our number one thing we got to produce, especially right here in Iowa. We love beef producers, poultry and pork producers. And then Taxes. Taxes are always a high priority by making sure we protect critical tax credits in Section 179 and for our biofuels industry. On the state level, those are the priorities that producers from around the state got together and said this is what we need to focus on.”

Lillibridge takes a look at the organization’s federal policy priorities for 2022.

Ethanol is a big one again always. Retaining the RFS, making sure SRE’s are not granted, and reducing regulatory barriers for the higher blends of ethanol are big ones. Supporting Carbon Credit Sequestration Programs and carbon capture technologies is one big thing that will help make sure we have a valid marketplace around the world with our ethanol. Trade. Trade is always a high-end priority. We have to make sure we are maintaining relationships with other countries around the world. Transportation and Infrastructure is a big one too. We have to make sure that river is working good and that our roads and bridges are up to par. And then again, Taxes.”

The complete 2022 ICGA policy book is available at www.iowacorn.org/policy. The full interview with Lance Lillibridge can be found at the top of this article.