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ICGA reacts to lawsuit filed by Iowa environmental groups

Source: Clean Water Iowa

Two Iowa environmental groups, Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement and Food & Water Watch, filed suit on Wednesday charging the state of Iowa has violated its obligation to protect the Raccoon River for the use and benefits of Iowans.

Audio: Complete Interview with ICGA’s Mark Recker 

Iowa Corn Growers Association Chair Mark Recker says this is very similar to a previous lawsuit brought by the Des Moines Waterworks which was thrown out. Recker says this is an unfortunate attempt to distract the public from the work corn producers are doing to improve water quality in the state.

Recker says it is imperative that farmers are out there telling their stories about what they do to improve water quality. He says it is a way to reassure the residents of Iowa that farmers do want to make sure the quality of the water is good because it is essential for the future of their family farms as well.

Recker adds ICGA will keep doing what it can to invest in water quality initiatives and continue to educate producers about the options available to them.