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HSUS forms National Ag Advisory Council; NPPC furious

Source: Wikipedia

by Ben Nuelle

The Humane Society of the United States or HSUS forms new national agriculture advisory council. Last week, the HSUS formed a National Agriculture Advisory Council.

Josh Skipworth is State Director for HSUS.

“The National Ag Advisory Council is a council we’ve made up of farmers across the country to advise our national rural outreach department on regulatory issues, national legislative issues, and ways we can better communicate with the agriculture community of the country,” Skipworth says.

The National Pork Producers Council is one organization who is not happy about this new HSUS idea.

Dave Warner works for NPPC.

“Every farmer is dedicated to producing safe food to ensure the well-being of their animal, to protecting the environment, providing employees a safe workplace and giving back to their communities. This is HSUS’ attempt to divide farmers and we don’t think any group whose goal is to reduce the consumption of meat can or does represent the best interest of America’s family livestock farmers,” Warner says.

Skipworth disagrees with Warner.

“I would say the National Ag Council is made up of nothing but small farmers and if anyone is driving the wedge between big and small farms it would be people like them,” Skipworth says.

HSUS National Agriculture Advisory Council members include: Kevin Fulton of Nebraska, Chris Petersen of Iowa, Mike Callicrate of Colorado, Pete Eshelman of Indiana, Paul Muegge of Oklahoma, Carrie Balkcom of Colorado, Will Harris of Georgia and Joe Logan of Ohio.

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