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How to manage flood-submerged grain

by Ben Nuelle LISTEN: money-matters-9-27-16

Several Iowa rivers are expected to rise this week. Meaning the aftermath could be costly.

According to the National Weather Service, rivers expected to rise this week include: Cedar, Iowa, Wapsipinicon, Mississippi and the Maquoketa.

Charles Hurburgh is professor of Agriculture Engineering at Iowa State University. He says a lot of problems will arise if grain becomes flooded.

“If grain has been submerged by uncontrollable floodwaters like a river. Then according to FDA declaration it is adulterated. Adulterated has a special meaning in food safety in that it cannot go back into commercial feed or food channels.”

The logic is that water quality is completely unknown.

“Floodwaters tend of overtop sewage lagoons and animal facilities so the cleanliness of the water can’t be guaranteed and that is why it is the way it is.”

Hurburgh says there are few options for grain not going to a commercial facility.

“There’s a little bit more flexibility there, in that if the grain doesn’t leave the farm, that is it doesn’t go into another buyer or commercial facility, then there are some guidelines on how to test it for local feed use under the supervision of a veterinarian.”

Hurburgh says Iowa State extension recently published those guidelines on their website.