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How safe is your farm’s data?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Agriculture has changed the way it gathers data. With technology in the cab and on your equipment, plus software that compiles your information all year round, how protected is the information we are sending around?

The amount of information farmers move around the internet has more than tripled. Jeremy Hoffmann, Chair of the Cyber Security Program at Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) says the need for protecting our information needs to be a bigger priority than it is.

One area Hoffmann says is especially vulnerable is when farmers aren’t careful where their updates come from or try to get around proprietary software to cut cost.

Sometimes the data may be at risk not from the farmer or the manufacturer, but by a third-party entity who is tasked with managing data collected for the supply company.

Hoffmann says there are questions producers need to ask about their data security.

Your security needs to evolve with your information. Data storage is no longer in your file cabinet, where you control who sees it. It is more like your file cabinet is unlocked and so is your front door, and the only one guarding it is a plastic army man. Your security is as important as your inputs and equipment.