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House passes WRDA bill

by Ben Nuelle

The House passed Water Resources Development Act Wednesday. House members passed the $5 billion WRDA bill 399-25. This bill authorizes funding for the redevelopment of the nation’s inland waterways.

“We are pleased that Congress appears to be getting back to passing a WRDA bill every two years.  One of the challenges confronting the inland waterway system and barge transportation is that it is largely out of sight and therefore out of mind for many policymakers,” Mike Steenhoek, Executive Director of the Soy Transportation Coalition said in email correspondence.

“A high percentage of lawmakers do not represent districts that witness barge transportation.  As a result, the more time that elapses between one WRDA bill and the next, the more Herculean it becomes to educate and persuade lawmakers to devote attention to the needs of the inland waterway system.”

The House and Senate must now convene to pass a compromise bill which won’t happen until after the election.