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House must pass Farm Bill by Friday

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The U.S. House faces a Friday deadline to revote on the current farm bill proposal. As of Monday, the farm bill, passed out of committee with Republican support only, was not on the schedule to be considered on the house floor.

However, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who publishes the weekly schedule, did include: “Possible consideration of legislation related to border security and Immigration,” and added that “Additional legislative items are possible.”

The Freedom Caucus, a group of 30-some Republicans, blocked the farm bill from advancing by voting against it, demanding a vote on immigration. Meanwhile, the Hagstrom Report says prospects for immigration legislation in the House remained murky amidst confusion over President Donald Trump’s position.

The Senate could bring its version of the farm bill to a vote as early as this Thursday, and leadership has vowed to complete the farm bill process before the July Fourth recess.