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House Ag Chair and IA Senator Grassley Fighting over Farm Bill

Photo by Dustin Hoffmann

On this memorial day……..A look at the innerworkings of the recently failed farm bill and generally at what’s inside the head of the Chairman of the House Ag Committee, Mike Conaway a republican from Texas.

Conaway is conservative and he is an accountant..A CPA before he ran for congress.

As they say in Texas, Once he gets on a horse, he says on it until it throws him.

Senator Chuck Grassley could be the burr under the saddle that causes the horse to buck.

Those of us who have watched our senior senator have seen his tenacity that usually wins out over less seasoned competitors.

Congressman Conaway…has some criticism of Senator Grassley, saying he was “wrong every single time when he complains about loopholes in the process by which USDA Makes Subsidy payments to farmers.

Audio: Profit Matters 

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley had some harsh words for House Ag Committee Chair Mike Conaway of Texas.

Last week, Grassley had said he would use the Senate farm bill to go after loopholes that non-farmers exploit to collect a lot of subsidy cash from the government. The House version of the farm bill doesn’t contain any payment limitations. House Freedom Caucus Chair Mark Meadows failed in his effort to promote an amendment that would rein in how much USDA is authorized to grant farmers coping with low commodity prices. In a three-tweet thread on Twitter, Grassley says Conaway should tell farmers why “I’m wrong for wanting to limit farm subsidies to FARMERS and not WALL ST Bankers living high on the hog. Farm subsidies meant as a safety net for farmers w/dirt under their nails.” Grassley encouraged the Freedom Caucus to vote against the House Farm Bill when it comes up again in June.

That leads to a response by the Chair of the House Ag Committee on his shock that the farm bill was voted down.  It contained welfare to work provisions…strongly favored by conservative republicans but opposed by every single democrat on the committee and in the full house.